• What Are Dental Veneers?

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    You’ve seen a set of acrylic fingernails before. They have the ability to change the look and feel of your hands in a similar way that veneers can change the look and feel of your smile. They cover your natural set of teeth for a more polished look. If you’ve been wanting your smile to look more polished and perfect, consider getting dental veneers

    Who Needs Dental Veneers?

    For those who want a perfect smile, and currently not satisfied with chips, small gaps, stains, or discoloration in their teeth, dental veneers could be a fantastic solution. They can make your teeth look brighter and more complete and aesthetically pleasing. 

    What Are Veneers Made From?

    Dental veneers can either be comprised of porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain is the ideal choice, as it’s stronger, will last you longer, and matches your teeth more perfectly than composite resin. Porcelain does cost more but consider in the long-run how satisfied you’ll feel, knowing that you invested in yourself. Composite resin is also durable, but takes less time to create and only requires a single visit to change your look!

    What’s the Preparation Process?

    Your San Mateo dentist will first assess your teeth to ensure there are no dental hygiene issues to be addressed. If everything looks good, Dr. Sachdev will scrape the outside enamel layer from your tooth or teeth. This is typically no more than a half millimeter. A local anesthetic will help with any discomfort you may feel. We will take a putty or digital impression of your teeth and color match your teeth. A dental lab will fabricate your custom veneers for you.

    How Long Does the Process Take?

    Depending on the material used to make your veneers and the custom shade, the process can take between a single and several visits. Your assessment and preparation will occur immediately, and any adjustments or polishing will take place after they’ve been fitted and you have a chance to get used to them.

    How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

    Again, depending on the material you choose, your dental veneers may last many years. The better you take care of your new smile, the longer either material veneers will last you. Porcelain veneers may stay in great condition for up to 10-15 years, and composite resin can last 4-8 years.

    The Benefits?

    Great news for long-time coffee-drinkers or cigarette-smokers… dental veneers can help! Over time, acidic food and drinks or smoke can build stains or discolor your smile. Veneers can cover the color for a brighter smile. Porcelain veneers are more stain-resistant than your natural teeth and will stay brighter for a long time. Your teeth may have become sensitive to pressure or temperature over time. Dental veneers can make your teeth stronger too!

    The Risks?

    This process is irreversible and invasive. The enamel can’t be replaced after we remove it from your teeth. Your natural teeth will be thinner and may be more susceptible to pressure and temperature changes.

    Have More Questions?

    Request an appointment or call your San Mateo dentist for any further questions about the dental veneers process. We look forward to giving you the perfect smile!