• Oral Surgery

  • We proud to offer a variety of oral surgery options, which range from simple tooth extractions to procedures that alter a patient's facial structure. Oral surgery can be performed on persons of all ages. We have a talented team of surgeons that are well equipped to handle complex issues. They possess extensive knowledge of anesthesia and postoperative care to assist their patients as best as they can in order for them to have a fast and comfortable recovery. As always, your comfort and safety are our top priorities and we have an exceptional track record of successful surgeries and happy patients.

    Sedation and Anesthesia

    Depending on the patient’s nervousness, we offer several types of sedation and anesthesia to make them more comfortable. We consider the patient's age, behavior, medical history, and treatment before we administer any type of sedation. Taking these into consideration, you and one of our team members will determine the best kind of sedation for you. Sedation and Anesthesia offer a safe way to calm even our most anxious patients.

    Wisdom Teeth

    Our third and final set of molars, known as wisdom teeth develop later in life, generally between the ages of 17 and 25. More often than not, wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to properly surface. If they surface without enough room, they can shift other teeth, which can lead to other oral issues. Due to the lack of space, it is not rare for them to develop tumors, cysts, and infections. If they don’t get removed in a timely manner, they can affect your bite, teeth alignment, create frequent and continuous headaches, collect harmful bacteria, and are more prone to decay and gum disease.

    Our staff will inform you if we think your wisdom teeth need to be taken out. Fortunately, with advanced X-ray technology, we are able to determine if they need to be removed before they surface, saving you from pain and discomfort. In the case you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, our team is able to extract them safely and comfortably, often with the help of sedation or anesthesia.


    Some teeth are beyond saving such as those affected by extreme trauma or severe tooth decay. Dr. Sachdev has over two decades of experience extracting teeth. The most common type of extraction he performs is wisdom teeth removal. Patients may need teeth extracted if they have a cyst, damaged, or suffer from periodontal disease. With the help of cutting-edge dental technology, we are able to execute tooth extractions as comfortably as possible.

    Dental Implants

    When you are missing one or more teeth, daily practices, like chewing, can be difficult and painful. Dental implants restore the look and feel of your smile. We are able to create your dental implants to match the look of the rest of your teeth.

    If you want to bring back full function to your mouth and don’t want to deal with dentures or bridges, dental implants may be a good treatment option for you. At your appointment, we will review all the treatment options that work for you and your specific needs.

    Oral Lesions – Cancer Screening

    Many people don’t realize that oral cancer is diagnosed more often and is more threatening than most forms of cancer. Early detection is the best way for us to detect and diagnose oral cancer. The sooner we spot oral cancer, the faster we can treat it. Routine checkups are essential for early detection. Testing for oral cancer is done in a matter of minutes, meaning a few minutes could potentially save your life. It is also important to schedule regular screenings if you’ve had oral cancer before. People previously diagnosed with oral cancer are twenty times more likely to get another type of cancer.

    If you notice anything unusual or feel something on the inside of your mouth, head region, and neck, it is important to have it examined by your dentist. We will take a small piece of tissue from the problem area and send it to a pathologist to be assessed for oral cancer. Your role is vital in detecting oral cancer early on, before it has the chance to metastasize. Schedule your oral cancer screening today.

    Corrective Jaw Surgery

    Patients who have an improper bite, crowded teeth, or a misaligned jaw can greatly benefit from corrective jaw surgery. If you have trouble speaking, chewing, are experiencing jaw pain, or having difficulty breathing, corrective jaw surgery may help alleviate these issues. Dr. Sachdev and his team of oral surgeons work closely with local orthodontists in Freedom, CA to repair normal function and eliminate pain in your jaw.

    We perform a complete assessment of your bite at your initial visit to determine if surgery is needed. Corrective jaw surgery can enhance the look and function of your smile while improving your oral and overall health. To see if corrective jaw surgery is the answer you’ve been searching for, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Reconstructive Surgery

    When teeth have been removed because of tumors or injuries, reconstructive surgery is a great treatment option to restore the look and function of your teeth. When you don’t have enough bone or tissue for a dental implant or dentures, your facial features can alter from sagging and teeth can shift into the vacant spaces of absent teeth.

    If you are looking for a treatment option that not only improves function in your mouth but also enhances your appearance and prevents further oral issues, reconstructive surgery could be a good option for you. Contact us today at (831) 724-6000 to see if you are a good candidate for reconstructive surgery.