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  • Cosmetic Dentistry San Mateo

    Dr. Sachdev and his team know just how important the appearance of your smile can be not only for self-confidence but for your overall health. A better-looking smile is usually a healthier smile. For this reason, we are dedicated to giving you the stunning smile you’ve always wanted and deserve. We happily serve Freedom and other nearby communities. We will work closely with you to help design a radiant smile you can be proud of.

    We want all of our patients, regardless of age, to have a smile they are comfortable with when considering cosmetic dentistry San Mateo. We proudly offer a variety of aesthetic treatments to fix a range of imperfections from stained teeth to broken, chipped, crooked, misshapen or misaligned teeth. You can ask our team members about the transformations we’ve made to patients’ smiles over the years.