• Sedation Dentistry

  • Many individuals have had bad or painful dental experiences, and some have never been to the dentist and are anxious because they don’t quite know what to expect. Sedation dentistry helps us comfort even our most anxious patients. With the use of sedation dentistry, we can calm or put patients to sleep while we carry out our dental procedures. The patients won't feel or remember anything. We consider their age, behavior, medical history, and other factors before we administer any type of sedation. Taking these into consideration, you and one of our team members will determine the best kind of Conscious Sedation for you.

    When it comes to calming children, we have team members who are specifically trained in a variety of calming techniques.  At their initial visit, we will introduce your children to our staff and try to make it as fun as possible. Our team has a blast every day working with patients and we want them to have a similar experience. We always try to calm children with these techniques before we consider using sedation. We aim to make our office a safe and relaxing environment for patients of all ages.

    If you have questions or would like to know more about dental sedation, call us today at (831) 724-6000. You can make an appointment over the phone or you can email us at sachdevdental@gmail.com.