• Dental Veneers San Mateo

  • veneer is a small plastic or porcelain material bonded to the exterior of a tooth to fix imperfections. Veneers can help improve the look of discolored or damaged, misshapen or misaligned teeth. If you are interested in improving the look, feel, and health of a flawed tooth, veneers can be a good treatment option for you. 

    Porcelain Dental Veneers San Mateo

    We take impressions of your mouth to ensure your dental veneers San Mateo will fit your teeth perfectly. We can create porcelain veneers to be thin to preserve as much of your real tooth as possible. If you have more noticeable damages, stained or discolored teeth, we may use a thicker veneer to better mask it. Porcelain veneers are a discreet option to hide flaws since porcelain naturally matches the look of your natural teeth and blend in well.  

    Composite Dental Veneers San Mateo (Bonding)

    Composite veneers or bonding can be used to place layers of composite resin material on a flawed tooth. While composite veneers generally cost less than porcelain veneers, they may need to be changed or replaced more often. 


    Comparison of Porcelain and Composite Veneers

      Porcelain Composite
    • Several visits if custom shade is needed
    • Can last up to 10-15 years, if well maintained
    • Color is stronger 
    • More durable 
    • More aesthetic and resembles enamel better
    • More expensive
    • Single visit
    • Less time to create
    • Can last up to 4-8 years, if well maintained
    • More susceptible to discoloration
    • More susceptible to cracking
    • Less aesthetic
    • Less expensive

    Care of Veneers and Bonding

    • Try not to bite into hard foods like carrots or uncut apples with your veneers
    • Don't open bags or other objects with your veneers 
    • Brush and floss - your teeth can still get cavities 
    • Don't chew your fingernails
    • If we suggest an occlusal splint or night guard, wear it regularly 
    • Schedule routine recare appointments 


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