• Teeth Whitening San Mateo

  • Many of our patients want whiter and brighter smiles, making teeth whitening one of our most sought-after cosmetic treatments. We provide at home and in-office whitening services to fulfill the needs of our patients. Our cosmetic teeth whitening services include:

    Custom Trays

    With the custom trays whitening option, we take impressions of your teeth and create them in our on-site lab, allowing you to whiten your smile faster than ever. Our team will verify the fit of your custom-made trays and show you how to load your trays with the whitening agent. This type of whitening treatment gives patients the ability to brighten their teeth at their own pace and touch up their smile whenever they like. If you are willing to put the time into custom whitening trays and your new, whiter smile, then this whitening option may be the one for you.

    In-office Whitening or 1-hour Teeth Whitening San Mateo

    One hour whitening is an in-office whitening treatment that gives you powerful results, fast. This whitening treatment can whiten teeth up to 14 shades in just one hour. Our patients continue to be amazed by the quick and dramatic results one-hour whitening delivers. If the patient would like to, we offer additional time to keep the whitening agent to deliver an even whiter smile.

    Permanent Teeth Whitening San Mateo

    We use minimal prep veneers to cover the front and side of your teeth to assist us with permanent whitening. While this whitening option may take multiple sessions, the results are absolutely worth it. This process allows us to make aesthetic changes as well.