• Root Canal Therapy

  • A patient may need root canal therapy for a number of reasons like infected tissue inside your root canal, decay, and other injuries. We look for issues in the root canal by examining and radiographing the troubled tooth. Generally, root canal therapy can be completed in as little as one or two visits.

    If Dr. Sachdev or one of his team members think you will benefit from root canal therapy, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb your tooth. Once your tooth is numb, we apply a sheet over the region to keep any saliva from getting in your tooth. We make a small hole in the top of your tooth to clean the infection residing in the pulp chamber and root canals, then fill them with a biocompatible material. Your tooth is then sealed using a gutta percha and an adhesive cement. Eventually, a crown or other restoration will be put on your tooth to fully protect it, but in the meantime, we may use a temporary filling to close the hole. If the tooth needs additional structure, a post can be placed inside to help support it.

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