• IntraOral Cameras

  • We use IntraOral imaging to detect even the smallest issue at the first possible sign. By utilizing IntraOral imaging, we can bring you faster results and get you started on a treatment plan right away. Our goal is to detect and diagnose issues before they worsen and become painful and require costly dental procedures.

    What Are IntraOral Cameras?

    IntraOral cameras are tiny high definition cameras, about the size of a pen, that display the patient’s mouth on a large screen. This gives patients a more informed visit as we can explain and address any issues we see, showing them the problem area exactly. There is a special LED light attached to the camera that assists in finding cavities, fractures, and other issues we may not be able to see otherwise.

    Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

    •         Immediate Results: You can see exactly what your doctor sees in real time, which gives you the opportunity to discuss any issues or ask specific questions during your visit.
    •         Precise: We can take high definition photos of the interior of your mouth and refer to these over time to see if any changes have occurred.
    •         Easy referrals: If you need further assistance from another specialist, we can easily email your photos.
    •         Better Planning: With more detailed results it makes it easier to identify the best treatment plan for your exact dental needs.