• Dental Sealants

  • A dental sealant is a preventative treatment to protect your teeth from tooth decay. Your back teeth, where you chew, have deep crevices that food gets stuck in, eventually turning into tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating placed on the chewing surfaces of your teeth that keeps food and bacteria from entering the crevices. Dental sealants are commonly placed on younger patients to protect them from tooth decay before it has the opportunity to develop. Younger patients who already have cavities are especially urged to get sealants to shield their remaining primary and adult teeth from decay.

    Dr. Sachdev has been applying dental sealants to the greater Freedom area for over two decades. Our staff is able to make the application of dental sealants fast, simple, and painless. We begin the process by cleaning your teeth with a flavorless polish. Then we apply a gel to get the tooth ready to bond and then apply the sealant material to your teeth. We wash the gel off and paint the sealant on and shine a special light on it to help it harden. It’s as easy as that. This simple process can save you from painful and costly dental procedures in the future.

    If you are interested in protecting your teeth with dental sealants, call us today at (831) 724-6000.