• Bridges San Mateo

  • Dental bridges San Mateo provide another alternative to replace missing teeth. One or more missing teeth can create oral issues such as cause neighboring teeth to shift, affect your bite, alter your smile, trigger TMJ symptoms, and speech impediments. If absent teeth go untreated, the stress placed on your surrounding teeth can cause extreme pain and discomfort and put you at a greater risk for tooth decay and bone loss. If these issues continue, bacteria can jeopardize not only you oral, but overall health.

    We offer several different types of bridges San Mateo which perform their own unique functions depending on the region of the mouth it's needed in. Dr. Sachdev and his team will work closely with you to determine which bridge will be most beneficial for your dental needs. In most cases, we will have to reshape your neighboring teeth to properly place your dental bridge. Before we secure your bridge, we will place a crown over your newly reshaped teeth, which will then be connected to an artificial tooth and act as an anchor to hold the artificial tooth in place. We typically use a resin-bonded bridge to replace front teeth. This type of bridge doesn’t need much preparation for the adjacent teeth, but it is essential your surrounding gums and teeth are healthy and strong and don’t have many fillings.

    Dr. Sachdev has been creating dental bridges San Mateo to patients and transforming their smiles for over two decades.