• Let Your Smile Reap the Benefits of the Holiday Season

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    You may still have some Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge from Thursday. You may not realize how nutritious they are for you and for your smile. During the holidays, our San Mateo dentist loves offering food tips that benefit you as a whole. You choose what you put into your body, so if it can make you smile while supporting the health of your smile, that’s a win! Enjoy the dishes that this season offers without the stress of breaking a diet or adding calories. Just be mindful of the portion size and the additional toppings that can turn even the most nutrient-dense foods into cavity traps. Whether you’re cooking or arrive just in time for dinner to be served, here are a few tips to keep in mind this month that will let your smile reap the benefits of the holiday season:


    By adding celery, carrots, nuts, oranges, or apples to your stuffing, you will keep it moist and full of nutrients. Your digestion, starting with the saliva that clears away unwanted food particles, is supported by the Vitamin A in these optional stuffing ingredients. Vitamin C will also support your immune system to fight any sickness that tends to “go around” during this time of year.


    By using turkey leftovers wisely, you can bypass the “food coma” feelings and benefit from the nutrients that are left after the sleepy tryptophan is absorbed. Your tooth development and enamel are supported by phosphorus and your mood may boost with the serotonin, melatonin, and B6 that’s created. Remember that moderation is key. You only need a little bit, and you’ll feel full for longer, and less likely to indulge in pie.


    While we’re on the subject of pie… it can actually be healthy… if it’s not smothered in sugar, that is. Pumpkin pie has tons of vitamin C. There are many other healthy fruit pie recipes that don’t call for sugar. Consider whipping up one of these for the upcoming feasts you’ll attend. Remember to brush after your pie so any sweet morsels are digested, and not caught between your smile. Drinking water helps to ensure the pie moves through you.

    Fruits and Veggies

    A lifestyle that includes fruits and vegetables as the basis for your food will do wonders for your smile and your overall health. There are so many vitamins and minerals only found in fruits and “veggies”. Cranberries, green beans, pumpkin, and squash are all fruits, high in Vitamins A and C, which are essential for a healthy immune system and your digestion. These seasonal foods are abundant during the holidays, so we encourage you to cook and enjoy them whenever possible.

    These are only a few of our favorite holiday tips. Connect with us on Facebook to see more nutrition tips throughout the year. Between regular dentist appointments at your San Mateo dentist, maintaining a healthy diet and drinking water will help your smile reap the benefits of the holiday season and every month in between!