• Summertime Snacks for Your Smile

  • It seems like just yesterday we were committing to New Year’s resolutions of making this year the time to get healthy. We’re halfway through the year already, so naturally we’ve had many opportunities to steer off that path. Whether you began your year with a new gym membership, running shoes, or reusable water bottle, chances are you’ve given into sweet temptations plenty already this year. Our San Mateo dentist has a few suggestions for summertime snacks that contribute to your health and your smile. 

    Summertime Fruits and Vegetables

    Making sure your kitchen is always stocked with fruits and veggies is a brilliant way to always have healthy snack accessible. Wash your produce ahead of time and cut larger items into serving sizes. Keep them in a low drawer in the fridge or on the counter where children can reach easily. These options are full of essential vitamins like A and C which keep your teeth, gums, and bones healthy. They will also help keep your whole family feeling fuller for longer. Some of our San Mateo dentist staff favorites are: 

    • Melon 
    • Plums 
    • Asian Pear 
    • Watermelon 
    • Berries 
    • Avocado 
    • Tomato 
    • Strawberries 
    • Bell peppers 
    • Cucumbers 
    • Cherries 

    There are bountiful choices for produce in the grocery stores this time of year. Better yet, check out your local farmers markets! Wash and prep when you get home, so they’re ready to go as soon as you want them. 


    Lazy beach days often call for frozen treats to cool you down. While an ice cream or Popsicle are okay in moderation, be mindful that these added calories and sugar add up quickly. If you’ll be in the heat all day, pack a cooler ahead of time so there’s less temptation to stop at the ice cream shop or truck. Cheese cubes and yogurt are great substitutes that will satisfy your dairy craving without the added sugar. Frozen yogurt pops will cool you down! 

    Nuts and Other Healthy Snacks

    Whether you’re planning a road trip, beach day, or stay-cation, there are plenty of options that don’t require much preparation at all. Nuts like almonds, pistachios, and peanuts are in season! Sprouted grain bread is a tasty and healthy alternative. Granola is another option that you can bring on the go with you. Quinoa and other grains don’t take much time to prepare, and are a great addition to the fruits and veggies listed above.  When you have healthy snacks like these on hand, you and your family will be able to resist the sugary snacks more easily. 

    At our San Mateo dentist office, we know that some of the best treats come out in the summertime. Treat yourself with ice cream and s’mores if you wish, but remember that moderation is key. Your health and smile will all benefit from choosing the healthier options. If you decide to indulge in the sugary stuff, remember to brush and floss more often to protect your smile from tooth decay or cavities.   

    What is your favorite healthy summertime snack? Share a photo of your smile and favorite snack on our Facebook page!