• Do you Brush your Teeth Correctly?

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    More often than not, our San Mateo dentist and hygienist see patients who don’t know they are brushing their teeth incorrectly.   Those patients are not alone.  There are many people who make these common mistakes, but luckily, it doesn’t take much to correct the issues.  Our oral health needs depend on good brushing and flossing habits.  As the dentist San Mateo residents look to for their family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs, we’ve got your back.  Check out some of the brushing mistakes people make and learn how to correct them.

    Patients don’t brush long enough

    The ADA and our San Mateo dentist recommend brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes; twice each day.  If you don’t brush for two minutes, you may want to consider an electric toothbrush that times out brushing for you.  Thirty seconds in each quadrant of your mouth is another way to look at it.  If young children need a little help, you can find some amazing apps online that will help them brush the full two minutes.

    Side to side brushing

    Brushing should be a gentle, circular motion.  Tiny circles help clean the entire surface of the tooth and your gums.  If you brush side to side, your toothbrush isn’t getting the whole tooth.  Additionally, too much pressure when brushing can cause a problem too. 

    Old toothbrushes

    The bristles on toothbrushes wear down over time which is why replacing the toothbrush is a must.  Our San Mateo dentist recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.  We may just have one waiting for you at your next dental exam, too.  An old toothbrush is a haven for bacteria, so keep your oral health needs and your health in great shape by replacing the brush from time to time.

    Forgetting to brush

    No one should forget to brush; laziness is a cavities best friend.  Make a point to brush two times every day and floss daily so that you can prevent cavities and tooth decay.  Brush after you’ve eaten or had sugary type drinks.  Most cavities are a result of tooth decay having the chance to take place.  By keeping your teeth clean, you’ll avoid most of these problems.

    Brushing correctly goes a long way toward what your oral health needs to remain in great condition.  If you have questions or would like help with younger children, simply ask us for help at your next appointment.  We have some great tips on Facebook and love helping our patients get the most out of their oral hygiene routine.