• Take Time for your Oral Health

  • Dental Implants San Mateo dentistAs the holiday season ramps up, it is easy to find ourselves too busy to take care of our smiles.  Long parties, family celebrations, and time spent running countless errands takes away from the time you should spend on yourself and your health.  As a dentist San Mateo community members use for their oral health and dental implant needs, it is worth knowing why setting aside time for yourself is important.


    Greater Confidence

    When you take the time to care for your own needs, you can improve your self-confidence.  Poor oral hygiene results in bad breath and tooth decay.  Rotting teeth can lead to them falling out and halitosis will make you self-conscience.  In less than 10 minutes every day, you can improve your oral health with proper brushing and flossing techniques and keep your smile looking great, ready to face the world.  A quick dental exam with our San Mateo dentist can also keep your oral health in good condition.


    Improved Oral Health = Improved Overall Health

    Our San Mateo dentist often fills cavities and checks your teeth, but did you know our office also specializes in dental implants?  A dental implant may be necessary as part of a cosmetic dentistry service or necessary to restore your smile when a tooth needs to be replaced.  We are trained to evaluate these complex problems and place dental implants.  When your smile is restored, the overall health of your body feels the benefits, as well.  Bacteria no longer have a place to hide and you reduce your risk of infections when a dental implant is used to replace a permanent tooth.


    Holiday Woes and Your Smile

    One of the worst pains may just be tooth pain.  And, all too often, people wait until the last minute before seeking help.  Whether it’s the extra sweets that seem to be consumed this time of year or other dishes that aren’t normally on your menu, you may find a problem tooth acting up when you least want it to.  Call our office to schedule your dental checkup with our San Mateo dentist before your fun festivities start.  You’ll be able to spend more time with family and friends and you won’t have worry about interrupting your plans.

    Take care of your health and yourself this season.  Visit our San Mateo office if you need a dental exam or are experiencing any tooth pain.  We’re happy to help and look forward to helping you keep your smile as long as possible.  Learn more about our services on Facebook or call our office if you have any questions.