• Dental Sedation Helps Overcome Dental Anxiety

  • Dental Sedation San Mateo dentistAt our San Mateo dentist office, we treat a wide variety of patients with a multitude of our available services;  from Cosmetic Dentistry to Restorative and Preventive Dentistry, we have the skills, education, and experience to keep your smile looking its best.  However, we also understand that some people fear going to the dentist, and that’s okay.  Sometimes, the reason is due to the fear of the unknown.  In other cases, the sounds and smells as once experienced are the cause.  Dental anxiety is more common than you think, but luckily, advancements in dental sedation techniques and office environments have improved exponentially over the years. Dento



    Dentophobia refers to the fear of dentists.  This fear holds people back from seeking the dental care that they need.  Some of the reasons a patient may have dentophobia include:

    • Being afraid to be called out for poor dental hygiene
    • Having a fear of the noises, smells, and equipment of the office
    • Embarrassment due to missing teeth
    • Worried about costs

    There are many different reasons a patient will put off dental treatment due to dentophobia.  The problem with this, however, is that the longer that treatment is put off, the more complex the necessary treatments will become.  To overcome these obstacles, no matter how minute, our San Mateo dentist offers a variety of sedation options.


    A Calm, Inviting Experience

    Our San Mateo dentist and staff have worked hard to create an exceptionally professional, yet welcoming office.  We want you to be relaxed and at ease throughout your visit.  Our advanced training helps patients of any age cope and talk through their anxieties and fear.  This may mean giving young children a tour of the office and making it fun, or meeting with a patient to consult on their anxieties while walking them through each step of treatment.  Often, clear communication between the patient and our staff helps relieve the anxiety and brings light to the unknown.


    Dental sedation

    Dental sedation expands beyond nitrous oxide, though this ‘laughing gas’ as it is commonly called, is great at releasing the stress going into a procedure while eliminating any pain.  Our San Mateo dentist has created a pain-free dental experience.  With that, we use various methods to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.  Give our office a call to discuss additional methods and set up a consultation with us to better understand how we work to offer a pain-free and anxiety-free visit.


    Don’t let your oral health suffer because of fear and anxiety.  Take the first step in bettering your smile by giving us a try.  A visit with our team will show you how we can relieve your anxiety, improve your oral health, and give you that great smile that you’ve always dreamed of.  Follow us on social media to learn more about our ever-changing methods as we keep up with all dental advancements.  We are focused on your health and well-being and look forward to helping you.