• Root Canal Therapy: A Closer Look

  • Root Canal San Mateo dentistAlmost a century ago, tooth extraction was the preferred method of dealing with a decayed tooth.  However, with advancements in dental technology, as well as better research, dentists prefer to save the tooth whenever possible.  As a San Mateo dentist dedicated to your oral health, we practice in saving teeth as well.  In fact, we are highly skilled in the area of restorative dentistry.  Now days, when a tooth is severely decayed down to the root, we look at performing a root canal.  So, let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about root canals.


    A root canal is nothing to fear.

    It may sound like a scary procedure, but in reality it is very similar to having a cavity filled.  The area is desensitized before we begin, so you won’t experience any pain.  With ever-changing technology, what used to be a two or three visit root canal procedure now takes one or two appointments.  The need for a root canal comes about when the root of the tooth is affected by decay, injured in an accident, or infected.  The purpose of a root canal is to clear the root of its issue and to sterilize the canal.

    When you have a cavity filled, our San Mateo dentist uses a small drill to remove the decay.  This is similar with a root canal.  The difference at this clean-up stage is that a small file is also used in order to get deep into the tooth.  With our dental sedation options and numbing agents, this will happen with ease and no pain.


    Why is saving the tooth best?

    Our San Mateo dentist prefers to save the tooth before ever considering extracting it.  A root canal helps to preserve the structure of the tooth.  Without an artificial tooth in its place, or the original tooth, your bite, jaw bones, and surrounding teeth will wear down much faster.  This, then, causes structural problems in your oral cavity.  Once the dentist seals the root canal, we utilize a post and crown to make the tooth as strong as possible.  Another benefit of a root canal is that we can save the tooth.  Thus, a dental bridge or other restorative procedure isn’t necessary.


    How do I know if I need root canal therapy?

    Since the root of your tooth is affected, you will feel the need for a root canal before you know you need one.  The nerve in your tooth is very sensitive.  However, the best way to know is with a visit to your San Mateo dentist office.  With regular, six month appointment, we can stay on top of your oral health, catching problems before it is too late.  Of course, in the case of a facial injury or accident, the onset of the need is more instant.  By practicing good oral hygiene techniques every day, and 2 office visits each year, you will also minimize the chance of needing a root canal.


    If you’d like more information on this topic, hop on over to our Facebook page or give our staff a call.  We’ll help you schedule an appointment convenient for you.  We look forward to partnering with you in your drive for a healthy mouth.