• Summertime Smiles

  • Cosmetic Dentistry San Mateo dentistSummer brings about a time for weddings, family reunions, and friendly back yard parties.  The festivities and fun are great for most.  However, when your teeth aren’t in the best condition, it is difficult to enjoy yourself.  Our San Mateo dentist and staff understand the need for a new smile.  After all, a smile boosts your confidence, is attractive, and makes you seem approachable.  Cosmetic dentistry encompasses bridges, crowns, bonds, dentures, teeth whitening, and essentially an entire smile makeover.


    Give yourself a gift

    Take the time to invest in your smile this summer.  Our San Mateo dentist offers a wide variety of Cosmetic Dentistry services that will help you achieve the smile you want.  A simple whitening procedure makes dull, yellowish teeth turn brilliant white.   A dental bond corrects small gaps and chips on your teeth.  You may be surprised at how a small imperfection in your smile changes your appearance when repaired.  If you have a missing tooth, dental implants and a crown or bridge completes your smile and looks like your natural teeth.


    Bridges and Crowns

    A dental bridge uses your existing teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth as an anchor to hold the new, artificial tooth in place.  A crown is placed over the implant and made to look exactly like your teeth.  When your bite isn’t compromised by a missing tooth, you eliminate pain and future complications.  Typical problems that arise from a missing tooth include bite issues, jaw pain, tooth movement, and bone loss.  Take the time to visit your San Mateo dentist if you are ready to gain back your smile.


    What do you want your smile to say about you?

    When people have a great smile, they tend to be more outgoing and social.  Their smile isn’t holding them back; it is giving them the confidence to meet others and talk openly rather than hiding in a dark corner during the festivities.  Visit with our San Mateo dentist to determine what you want your smile to say to others and how you want it to look.


    Don’t let your summer social calendar sit empty just because of your smile.  Pick up the phone to set up a consultation appointment with our San Mateo dentist or visit our Facebook page to learn more about Cosmetic dentistry.  We can build you a new smile little by little or as a complete smile makeover procedure.  Our experience and skills mean your new smile will be dazzling and amazing, whatever your needs may be.  We love helping our patients achieve their smile goals and look forward to building you the best possible one we can so your summer and every one after this will be fantastic.