• A New, Bright Smile for the New Year

  • Teeth Whitening - San Mateo dentistStill pondering over what New Year’s resolution you’ll strive to achieve this year?  Consider starting the year off with a wonderful smile.  Our San Mateo dentist and office staff can help you meet your resolution and offer suggestions to ensure you have a smile that instills confidence and beauty.  If you spent the holiday season hiding your smile, or if you are concerned to face peers or co-workers at an upcoming meeting or event, this is the perfect time to address your oral health.

    You deserve to have the best smile you can get.  Perhaps a simple Restorative Dental Procedure is all it takes to repair a chipped tooth.  Maybe you are due for an oral exam or want to whiten your smile.  Whatever your needs, our San Mateo dentist is always happy to discuss your goals and needs.

    For those that are looking to brighten their smile, our Teeth Whitening Service is a great choice.

    How dazzling is your smile?

    The New Year often starts off with a dazzling display of brilliant fireworks.  If your smile doesn’t sparkle and shine, you may tend to avoid smiling.  A whiter smile improves your confidence and will allow you to start the year off right.  You’ll be ready for your big office presentation or to gather with friends and family due to your new, white smile.


    What stains your teeth?

    Are you a coffee fiend?  Does red wine stain your teeth?  A number of drinks and food keep your teeth from being white.  Acidic foods, soda pop, coffee, red wine, and tobacco all lead to more yellowing teeth.  Health issues and medications can also play a part in the color of your teeth.  In order to avoid permanently stained teeth, you can brush your teeth more often or even have a glass of water in between food and beverages that lend to stains.  Yet, these tasks don’t always fix the problem.  Ask our San Mateo dentist about ways to keep your teeth as white as they can be.


    Are you ready for a whiter smile?

    Everyone deserves the chance for a bright, amazing smile.  We have a variety of Teeth Whitening solutions that are sure to meet your needs.  Let our staff and San Mateo dentist talk with you about your options.  Custom-fit trays may be right for you or an in-office whitening service.  Whatever your needs, you can be sure that you’ll begin the year with a great smile.


    Meet your oral health New Year’s resolution with any one of our whitening procedures and a proper oral hygiene routine.  Brush and floss, maintain your regular check-up, and smile brightly.  Your dedication to your continued oral health will benefit you all year long.  For more information regarding oral hygiene and teeth whitening, follow us on Facebook.  We can’t wait to help you achieve your resolution and goals for a healthy smile.