• Oral Health and Insurance Benefits: How do They Benefit You?

  • San Mateo Dental Insurance BenefitsAs 2017 comes to a close and a new year approaches, where do you stand with your dental insurance benefits?  The countdown to the New Year is more than just a ticking clock.  It means your insurance benefits are probably coming to a close for the year.  With that in mind, have you visited your San Mateo dentist to make sure you are getting the most use of your benefits?

    What you need to know about dental benefits

    Dental benefits vary by provider, so it is important to have an understanding of what procedures your carrier covers.  Many dental insurance plans cover a routine cleanings and x-rays.   Some will cover fluoride treatments and others go into more detail.  Depending on what plan you signed up for, make sure you are utilizing your benefits.

    When do your benefits end?

    Many insurance company’s benefits start anew with the beginning of the year.  Yours may reset in January or your fiscal year may be different.  Call your provider to determine when your coverage starts over.  Also, while you have them on the phone, ask for a coverage breakdown.  Ask questions like:

    • What does my plan cover?
    • What benefits have I used to date?
    • What treatment plans do you cover?
    • Do I have a maximum amount?

    Knowing the answers to your questions can help you work with your San Mateo dentist, Dr. Sachdev, to develop the best oral treatment plan for you.

    Use it before you lose it

    The yearly maximums do not carry over to a new year.  So, before the apple drops, schedule an oral examination for anyone in your family who needs it.  You’ll be able to catch any problem areas that could turn into bigger issues, and you’ll also be taking care of the benefits you deserve.  You may be eligible for Cosmetic dental services or Restorative procedures as well.

    Yearly, barely 5% of dental patients take advantage of the benefits they’ve been paying for throughout the year.  Ask your insurance provider about your in-network dentists and determine if your San Mateo dentist is on the list.  We work with a multitude of insurance companies and would be happy to work with yours to ensure you get the best oral treatment available.

    Last but not least, your HSA and FSA

    If your company has an FSA or HSA plan, give the provider a call to see if the money you’ve saved for the year will cover any dental procedures.  Most of the money in these plans does not roll over, so it is imperative to use the money allotted by your plan before it’s too late.


    Insurance plans can be confusing, but with the right questions and a little patience, you’ll have sound knowledge of your plan.  End your year right by maximizing your benefits and improving your oral health.  Our San Mateo dentist staff is on hand to address your concerns.  We post oral health updates on our Facebook page and are happy to schedule a consultation should you have questions.